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Who we are

We are Juan and Janine, a married couple playing music together since we fell in love in Australia in 2008. Inspired by the different cultures and traditions we grew up in, we share our love and passion for the music as the duo SEVAMANTRA - creating harmony with our voices, and playing guitar, harmonium and bansuri.

“Our music has been our medicine. It keeps us listening to ourselves, and we wish the same to all those who are present at our Relaxing Concerts, and who listen to our music. We thrive with this music and receive so many benefits out from it.”  

– Sevamantra

The Mantras we use move us deeply with their profound vibration -- a vibration that can create a bridge from heart to heart, connect us with our soul and with the universe, and balance mind, body and soul.

Why we do what we do

“Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you.” –Rumi

Today our world has so many distractions. People have forgotten to listen to their hearts, to feel, and to live their passion. That’s why we create music with a special intention -- to invite listening, not only to the music, but also to our hearts.

We are committed to sharing our music in Relaxing Concerts and believe that TO RELAX is the first step to feeling good and connecting.

It is our destiny to share this music with you all, to plant a seed of hope in our hearts and yours, to give thanks, and return to our daily life filled with love.


Music can bring a breath of peace and love into this world, and invites the listener to travel deep inside and connect to the heart. It may take you into a deep relaxing moment, which is tremendously beneficial for balancing after days of hard work, stress and anxiety.

Based on the studies of Prof. Herbert Benson MD:

RELAXING has proven to have a variety of beneficial effects on our body: gastrointestinal, respiratory, psychological, immune, neurological, reproductive, cardiovascular, skin, etc.

Come and join us!!!!

About us


Juan, the son of a Chilean marriage, was born in Philadelphia and began playing guitar at the age of 14. Surrounded by a musical family and friends, he had the opportunity to listen to and learn many instruments, including drums, piano, and bass guitar. His true passion is the guitar.


He trained in music production and graduated from the California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, in the certificate program for the Sound, Voice and Music Healing Arts.

Janine, a nature- and heart-connected songwriter, was born and raised in the German countryside, where she was deeply connected to nature and enchanted by music. At age 8 she started to study singing and soon extended her learning to include keyboard, piano, and music theory in an afternoon music school. She taught herself guitar and enjoyed singing harmonies in her school choir. 


Studying Yoga in Chile she completely fell in love with Mantras. Always reconnecting to nature, whether in her beautiful little village in Germany, on her travels through Australia, living in the magical landscapes of Chile, or now, in the enchanted forest of West Marin, Janine thrives on receiving and sharing these beautiful lyrics and melodies through SEVAMANTRA.

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